July 16, 2024

Which flooring to choose for your home.?

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Choosing flooring for each area of ​​your home is no small feat. Whether you consider parquet, tile, linoleum or classic stone flooring will depend on the room itself, your household needs and your budget.

You will find that the more durable, beautiful and resilient the type of flooring material, the more expensive it becomes. There are, however, cheaper alternatives for the bathroom, kitchen, living room and beyond. Be smart in your choices. Mixing and matching different types of flooring in your home can create a clean look without the big expense, while meeting each room’s needs for style, moisture resistance, furniture weight, and traffic flow.Solid wood flooring uper popular in homes around the world, not only because wood flooring looks beautiful and suits many interior design schemes but also because wood is very durable and hard wearing.The wood is usually lacquered or oiled, depending on the look you prefer.

solid wood parquet decoration

Solid wood flooring is versatile in its appearance and can match all types of interiors. It is durable and resistant. Some real estate experts say hardwood floors could increase the resale value of your home because it’s a sought-after feature for many.

You can also paint or stain your hardwood floor to improve its appearance over time. Cleaning is also easy.ons : It’s the cost and upkeep of wooden flooring that can put it at a disadvantage as you’ll usually need professional help to get a good finish. Prices vary depending on wood thickness and quality.When exposed to moisture for a long time, they can warp, making them unsuitable for bathrooms or laundry rooms. So you may not be able to lay parquet everywhere, especially not in a bathroom.

Engineered wood flooring

Engineered parquet consists of a strip of noble wood with a thickness of at least 2.5 mm glued to a panel of plywood or fiber.The stability of engineered wood flooring makes it a perfect choice over underfloor heating if the guidelines are followed, and it is easier to install than solid wood flooring.engineered wood parquet. Pros : Due to the way they are made, wood slats are generally more dimensionally stable and less likely to expand or contract with temperature changes or humidity fluctuations.Disadvantages : unlike solid wood, you should not choose too thin a thickness because your parquet may wear out more quickly, especially in passage areas.Natural linoleumNatural linoleum flooring is available in roll, tile or plank form. Linoleum is a very comfortable floor covering to walk on, perfect for a living room or bedroom. It is a quick solution to install in a room, which remains accessible without being cheap (30 to 40€ per m²).

pvc linoleum floor

Advantages : Natural linoleum is a versatile material that withstands intensive traffic very well. Due to the material used, it is comfortable to walk on and warmer barefoot than tiles. Composed of 97% natural and renewable raw materials (wood flour, linseed oil, chalk…), it is a durable floor covering. Experts say that a good quality linoleum floor can last up to 20 years.

Advantages : The different patterns, finishes and colors available are endless. It also takes a lot of thought, as the right style, shape, size and even how you lay the tiles can enhance a small space, add warmth and lots of character if done correctly. It’s super easy to clean, can withstand standing water without warping like wood.

Ceramic tiles are scratch, impact and moisture resistant.

Disadvantages : The price per m2 of quality tiling can quickly become expensive.

Tiles are permanent, so it’s expensive to replace them, choose a timeless tile style to enjoy them for as long as possible.

Consider the room you are laying the tiles in and choose the surface finish carefully as highly polished stone can be very slippery when wet, while matte finishes attract dirt more easily. In areas with high humidity, such as showers, be sure to use smaller sized tiles to be less slippery.

waxed concrete

Polished concrete floor types are no longer just for the garage and are a great choice for open kitchens, patios, and even living rooms. Polished concrete is also available in all colors, with some models incorporating stone or glitter. In fact, everything you can think of is embedded in the resin to add interest.

waxed concrete living room decoration

Benefits : A design-driven solution, resin or waxed concrete types of flooring provide a smooth, seamless, sound-absorbent, hypoallergenic, waterproof, hard-wearing, and easy-to-clean surface.

They each give a super modern finish to any space and age beautifully too. Pair it with underfloor heating, go for a matt or glossy finish, it’s up to you. Note that resin tends to be a stronger material.

Disadvantages : The overall cost will depend on the surface but it remains a very expensive floor covering. It will take at least between 100 and 200€ per m2 with the installation, but it remains an excellent choice for a family home.

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