July 16, 2024

What Is Disinfection Fogging and Why It is Essential for Your Home?

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Disinfection Fogging

Disinfection fogging is the process of using fog to provide safe and effective environmental control in any building room. It is important preventive maintenance that is critical for keeping your house and buildings healthy. A lot of people get disinfection fogging done at their homes by hiring professionals online.

Fogging is an essential process in the control of dust mites, which are tiny microscopic creatures that feed on dead skin cells and bodily fluids. They can live in beds and other furniture, carpets, and rugs. However, they are most prevalent in bedrooms, where they are found on curtains, bed sheets and blankets.

What is Disinfection Fogging?

Disinfection Fogging is the process by which airborne releases are created that carry clean air through space to kill or remove microorganisms from it. The most commonly used solution for disinfecting buildings is vinegar-based spray disinfectants introduced into an occupied area through small piping outlets placed around the room.

Dust mites ordinarily do not affect human health directly; however, due to their large populations living in mattresses and pillows, they cause allergy symptoms for millions of people around the world. Some of these symptoms include mild skin irritation, congestion; red eyes; sneezing; coughing; difficulty breathing; asthma-like reactions to allergic triggers such as cold weather or pet dander.

How It’s Done?

It is done by installing the system into an air handler and exhausting the solution. This method can prevent the spread of infection by properly cleaning all low-traffic areas, including doorways and floors. More importantly, it adds to the safety of employees, visitors and patients in hospitals and manufacturing plants’ clean rooms.

There is a substantial difference between Disinfection Fogging and vapour disinfection. A fogger works by applying a disinfectant to a room through ultra-fine particles that settle after dispersal. Vapour disinfection is assigned to kill microorganisms in an enclosed area by circulating air containing a high concentration of vapours for at least 15 minutes before allowing entry into the space.

Is It Dangerous?

Due to their effectiveness, simple design and low cost, foggers are used by a large portion of the population to eliminate odours and musty smells. However, spraying the devices with water or cleaning fluids in enclosed spaces can be a source of toxic vapours.

The chemicals that are used in disinfecting products have been associated with cancer and other serious health conditions and can be found where you spend extended periods, such as in your bedroom. 

Over-the-counter foggers may contain formaldehyde as a primary ingredient. In addition to being an allergen for those who are affected by it, this chemical is known to cause respiratory problems and eye irritation.

Benefits of Getting Regular Disinfection Fogging

Disinfection Fogging is an essential prerequisite for maintaining home and office cleanliness. It helps to eliminate germs and harmful mites from mattresses, carpets, rugs and other household items. In addition, it will keep the rooms free from bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause viruses, allergies or fungal infections. Here’s a rundown of a few benefits of disinfection fogging:

Eliminates Dust Mites

The regular use of Disinfection Fogging eliminates harmful dust mites breeding in beds and couches, which end up causing several health hazards, such as asthma in young children. It also helps reduce bacterial growth problems at a hospital bedside when patients are recovering.

Protects Against Airborne Infection

The regular use of Disinfection Fogging eliminates harmful viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause infection, allergies and other health problems to your respiratory system. In addition, keeping the rooms free from pollutants such as dust mites and cigarette smoke is essential for protecting the health of guests and patients visiting a hospital.

Prevents Mold Growth in HVAC System

Dust mites are known to be a major source of mould growth inside the HVAC system that causes negative consequences on the indoor air quality in a building. However, when dust mite colonies are eliminated regularly, they will not grow into mould spores due to their need for moisture in order to survive.

Safe for Children and Pets

Just like humans, pets also suffer from allergic reactions caused by dust mites and pet dander. Many parents choose to fogger their homes periodically to keep their children from these allergens that can harm their respiratory system.

Eliminates Odors

Fogging is also used to eliminate foul odours caused by pollutants in the air, thus keeping the rooms smelling fresh all the time. For example, some types of foggers release a citrus scent that can eliminate cigarette smoke, musty smells, and other unwanted odours in a room. 

Disinfection Fogging is essential preventive maintenance that should be part of your home maintenance plan. Just make sure to hire professionals to provide the best results for disinfection fogging in your home. In addition, you can improve indoor space quality by making it healthy with fogging.

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