May 23, 2024

Self Storage – Good for the Economy?

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Self-storage has been a core part of American economic life for many decades. The self-storage business has seen exponential growth in recent years. Self-storage units are becoming more popular as people store their belongings in them. This has caused the industry to boom. What does all this growth mean for our economy?

What’s Self Storage?

Self-storage is a business that rents storage space to customers, usually monthly. The space can be used to store furniture, boxes of clothes, or holiday decorations. Customers can rent a variety of sizes from self-storage businesses so they can find the right space for them.

Self Storage Business Model

The self storage business model is simple. Customers pay monthly to rent storage space from a self storage company. The company gives customers a safe place to store their belongings in return. Self-storage companies offer insurance to their customers, so they can be sure that their belongings will be safe and protected.

Self Storage and Economy

Over the past several decades, the self-storage sector has seen steady growth. Today there are more than 50,000 self storage facilities in the United States. The economy has benefited in many ways from this industry.


First, self-storage provides millions of jobs in America. The Self Storage Association estimates that over 1 million Americans are employed in the self storage industry. As new self-storage facilities continue to be built, these jobs include customer service, management and construction positions.

Housing Market

The self-storage sector is an integral part the housing market for a number of reasons. Self-storage units are used by many people moving to smaller homes or downsizing. Storage units are a cost-effective and convenient way to store belongings that aren’t used every day.

As the housing market recovers after the recession, self-storage units are being used more frequently by people who move between homes. Self-storage is a cost-effective and flexible option for those who need to store their belongings between homes.


Self-storage units can be used by anyone who needs a place to store their belongings. Self-storage units can be rented by businesses. Self-storage units are a cost-effective and secure option for businesses who need to store their belongings away from their offices or warehouses. You can store seasonal decorations, inventory, and equipment in self-storage units. Businesses can be confident that their valuables are safe and sound because they are often located in secure areas.

Self-Storage Solution

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